Hyundai Aero Town

HYUNDAI AERO TOWN – Specifications.

The HYUNDAI AERO TOWN ‘s front bumper is larger for far better absorption of reduced influence pressures while trendy headlamps add a note of refinement.

Traveler convenience is made the most of by ergonomically contoured seats as well as a powerful rooftop ac unit that provides outstanding cooling efficiency. And the Hyundai Aero Town is very easy to drive thanks to the sophisticated guiding system.

AeroTown is created for simple solutions and also enables reliable assessment when needed. With Hyundai, you can expect very little downtime and maximum advantages and also satisfaction. Advanced Safety Design for Your Peace of Mind.

Hyundai Aero Town.

Whatever the road and weather condition conditions, the Hyundai Aero Town’s advanced brake systems ensure secure driving. The Full Air Braking System, as well as ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) aid, bring you to a secure stop.

Anti-lock Brake System, By avoiding wheel lock-up throughout panic braking, ABS enables the vehicle driver to steer around problems hence avoiding trouble.

It maintains the pressure of wheels and nuts in a proper method and removes the vibration from manages and also the automobile itself. This guarantees your safe driving and also this is called HUB PILOT wheels.

HYUNDAI AeroTown is outfitted with a much higher degree of control and a complete air brake (optional) to make certain high security, thus permitting even more passengers to be securely delivered.

The exhaust brake offers additional stopping to securely slow down the bus during high descents. Automatic brake slack adjusters offer even more constant, effective and risk-free stopping by preserving the optimal space in between the brake drums and also cellular linings.

Hyundai Aero Town.

Chauffeurs will certainly love this wraparound tool panel. Gauges are huge as well as practically set out for very easy readability and all buttons are located within a fingertip’s reach for unmatched driving convenience.
Tachometer (Opt.) It supplies a precise driving document. Straight brightened tachometer for impressive presence throughout evening driving.

Full-air suspension chauffeur seat flexible up and also down, front and also rear, as well as comfortable with its reclining chair padding.
Climate Control System Delivers superior home heating, cooling, and ventilation efficiency.

It has M600B top-quality stereo. It has Roll-type Sunvisor for safer driving.
Power steering & Tilt steering It maintains pressures of wheels as well as nuts in an appropriate means and also removes the vibration from taking care of and also the lorry itself. This ensures your safe driving.
Delivers remarkable home heating, cooling, as well as ventilation performance. The advanced environment control system provides fresh air throughout the cabin.

Hyundai Aero Town.

The effective design creates a large area. We’ve thoroughly engineered every little thing right down to the smallest information to boost comfort as well as make each guest seem like a VIP.

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Drive typeLeft Hand Drive, 4 X 2
Passenger DoorFront , Front & Middle
Wheel BaseLong
Suspension typeTaper , Air-Leaf.
Seat capacity33+1, 37+1 & 33+1 & 24+1, 28+1
Height2,895 (A/CON : 3,125)
Wheel Base4,390
Wheel Tread Front1,920
Wheel Tread Rear1,730
Overhang (Bumper) Front1,800 (1,850)
Overhang (Bumper) Rear2,665 (2,750)
Min. Ground Clearance195
Empty Vehicle Weight (Cargo , front)7,605 & 2,255 Euro II * 7,360 & 2,125 Euro III * 7,605 & 2,255 Euro IV
Empty Vehicle Weight rear5,350 & 5,235 & 5,350
Vehicle Weight front3,300
Vehicle Weight rear8,480

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